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The Case Profile of the OJ Simpson Trial

The Case Profile of the OJ Simpson TrialWhat was the OJ Simpson Trial?

The OJ Simpson Trial was a criminal trial that occurred in 1994; both the hearing – as well as the deliberation of the OJ Simpson Trial lasted for upwards of 8 months. The OJ Simpson Trial is not only considered to be amongst the most prolific, but also the longest within the history of the United States. The OJ Simpson Trial involved murder suspect and former professional football player Orenthal James “OJ” Simpson, who was accused of fatally stabbing both his former wife, as well as her male friend:

On June 13th, 1994, both victims were found outside of Simpson’s former wife’s home in Brentwood, California; the bodies were discovered at approximately midnight

Prior to his arrest, OJ Simpson led the California Highway Patrol on a vehicular pursuit and chase on a California highway; law enforcement gave chase to Simpson until he had agree to surrender in front of his home

The OJ Simpson Trial was televised; as a result, the case circumstances received a multitude of public and media attention

The Case Profile of OJ Simpson Trial

The following is a case profile of both the crimes of OJ Simpson, as well as OJ Simpson Trial:

Date of Birth: OJ Simpson was born on July 9th, 1947 in San Francisco, California

Residence: At the time of the murders, OJ Simpson lived in Los Angeles, California

Date of the Crime: June 13th, 1994

Charges: 1st Degree Murder; classified murder committed in a premeditated, purposeful, illegal, and deliberate fashion

Legal Classification: Due to the fact that OJ Simpson was acquitted of his criminal charges, the victims’ families brought Civil charges against Simpson:

Criminal Law; this legal field is defined as the analysis, regulation, and oversight of crimes committed against what is perceived to the ‘General Public’; in contrast to Civil Law, in which crimes are considered to be non-violent and specific to their targeted victim, Criminal cases typically include criminal activity presumed to compromise the safety of the public and public authority

Date of the OJ Simpson Trial: January 29th, 1995 to October 3rd, 1995

Legal Venue:  The California Superior Court:

The defense team was comprised of attorneys F. Lee Bailey, Robert Shapiro, Alan Dershowitz, and Robert Kardashian, Gerald Uelmen, E.G. Marshall, Carl E. Douglas, and Johnnie Cochran

The prosecution team was comprised of attorneys Marcia Clark, Christopher Darden, Gil Garcetti, Hank Goldberg, and William Hodgman

Victims:  OJ Simpson was accused of the murder of 2 individuals:

Nicole Brown Simpson (35); former wife of OJ Simpson

Ronald Goldman (25); friend of Nicole Brown Simpson

Verdict of the OJ Simpson Trial: OJ Simpson was found to be innocent on all criminal charges of the murders of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson; many individuals believe that the prosecution mishandled the case details, which were presumed to be latent with evidence implicating Simpson – however, subsequent to his Civil trial, OJ Simpson was found guilty and forced to pay monetary restitution to the families



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