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Famous Court Cases You Should Know

Famous Court Cases You Should Know


In recent years, some famous court cases have included the O.J.
Simpson trial and the Elizabeth Smart case. In both court cases, the media was aware
of the incidents before any suspect was in custody. Although the O.J. Simpson
case did not end with a guilty verdict, the civil cases ended in a verdict that
showed that it was believed he was guilty.


The O.J. Simpson case was one of the first to be available on
television. The public was able to watch most of the trial, allowing Americans
to better understand the manner in which court proceedings take place. In
addition, the public was able to grasp the manner in which evidence must
prove guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt in order to find a suspect guilty.


The Elizabeth Smart case, currently taking place, received wide
media coverage from the moment she was abducted. Again, famous cases bring the
justice system to light, allowing the public to have a better understanding of
court laws, as well as evidence collection and testimony.


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