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The Salt Lake City Olympic Scandal

The Salt Lake City Olympic Scandal

The Salt Lake City Olympic scandal occurred during the 2002
Olympics, when the Salt Lake Organizing Committee provided the International
Olympic Committee with monetary bribes in order to ensure that Salt Lake City
would host the 2002 Olympic Games. Prior to the issuance of the bribes, Salt
Lake City had attempted to secure the bid on a number of occasions.


Ultimately, the Organizing Committee resorted to bribery to obtain
the guarantee that Salt Lake City would host the Olympics. In December 1998, it
was announced that an investigation would be initiated in order to determine
which members of the Olympic Committee were guilty of accepting bribes.
Following this announcement, several members resigned from their positions
before the investigation occurred. Following the investigation, 20 members were
penalized for accepting bribes and the Committee was reorganized to help
eliminate the existing corruption.


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North Carolina Police Abuse Cases

North Carolina Police Abuse Cases

Many police abuse cases have surfaced in recent years. A well-known North Carolina police abuse case pertained to a prison inmate named Bill Rayburn. Rayburn claimed that he was attacked on four separate occasions in a brutal manner with pepper spray. Rayburn, on all four occasions, had called for assistance and was then attacked with the spray. Rayburn won a $10,000 injury settlement and was transferred to a new prison.

Other North Carolina police abuse cases involve an overly forceful crowd control situation in which police officers tasered individuals without reason. Another North Carolina police abuse case involved a young man from Greensboro, North Carolina. The individual was horribly beaten and kicked numerous times while he was being arrested. Videos of the arrest show that the individual was not resisting arrest and did not initiate the fight with the officer, nor did he fight back.

Often, police abuse cases go without being uncovered or discussed because of the fear the law enforcement holds over other individuals. Police abuse can include verbal abuse, sexual assaults, threats, physical abuse, and blackmail.  

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