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The Case Profile of the Michael Jackson Trial

The Case Profile of the Michael Jackson TrialThe Background of the Michael Jackson Trial

Famed singer Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation subsequent to testimony given by 13 year old Gavin Arvizo; Arvizo maintained that Michael Jackson had allowed the minor victim to become intoxicated while on the premises of Michael Jackson’s residence deemed ‘Neverland Ranch’. Arvizo claimed that Michael Jackson had not only sexually-assaulted Arvizo, but also threatened to abduct the child’s parents in order to prevent any reports released to law enforcement. However, Michale Jackson denied any involvement in any of the allegations, claiming that the Arvizo family had hoped to extort monies from Jackson through the proposal of threats of testimony that Jackson had committed child molestation:

Extortion is defined as the criminal act undertaken by an individual or entity with the hopes of controlling, manipulating, or forcing the behavior of another individual or entity through the implementation of threat or blackmail

The Case Profile of the Michael Jackson Trial

The following is a case profile of the legal trial eponymously titled ‘The Michael Jackson Trial’:

Date of the Trial: January 31st, 2005

Legal Classification: Criminal Law; the legal field that focuses on both the prosecution and defense of criminal activity that may have occurred conducted in both public or private sectors; with regard to a criminal charge, the intent, motive, and behavior implemented by the perpetrator is taken into consideration both upon review as well as prior to sentencing

Accused Criminal Activity: The following criminal activity and charges were cited by Gavin Arvizo – while his parents, David Arvizo and Janet Arvizo – acted as his petitioners from the State of California – against Michael Jackson within the appeal brought forth subsequent to the initial ruling:

Child Molesters is defined as individuals who violate the rights of children or minors through a variety of actions, which may include exploitation, violence, and physical harm rooted within illicit, unlawful, and unethical sexual activity

5 Conspirators were named in conjunction with the charges filed against Jackson; the conspiracy charges involved the participation of the individuals with regard to the creation and arrangement of a plan to abduct the Arvizo family

Grand Jury of the State of California Case Number: 1133603

Date of the Delivery of the Verdict: June 13th, 2005

Legal Venue of Michael Jackson: The State Court of California in Santa Barbara County

Involved Parties: The following are the parties named with regard to their involvement in the Michael Jackson trial:

Gavin Arvizo; Plaintiff (minor)

David Arvizo; Plaintiff (parent of Gavin Arvizo, acting as petitioner)

Janet Arvizo; Plaintiff (parent of Gavin Arvizo, acting as petitioner)

Thomas Sneddon; Prosecuting Attorney

Michael Jackson; Defendant

Frank Tyson; Defendant (accused conspirator)

Vincent Amen; Defendant (accused conspirator)

Marc Schaffel; Defendant (accused conspirator)

Dieter Wiesner; Defendant (accused conspirator)

Ronald Konitzer; Defendant (accused conspirator)

Mark Geragos; Defense Attorney (replaced mid-case)

Benjamin Brafman; Defense Attorney (replaced mid-case)

Thomas Mesereau; Defense Attorney (replacement)

Verdict Delivered: Michael Jackson was arraigned of all charges filed against him, due to the fact that not only was the testimony delivered by the Arvizo family found to be faulty, but the jury maintained that the behavior enacted by the Arvizo family was indicative of extortion.



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